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        Mind Your Own Business Graphic

  Comic Strip    Our comic series featuring Emma and her ginormous teddy bear

  Ms Manners 
  Ask questions here for Emma, the newest influencer on the web

  Guestbook     Say a few syllables 


   Yo Mama   
  Yo Mama jokes and comics

       Jokes       Full strength jokes and comics

    Quickies     Bite size jokes and comics

    Business     Mind Your Own Business jokes and comics 

       Puns        Horrendous Pun ... ishment, puns and comics

Short Stories  Funny short stories and comics


        Insults          Straight Up Insults, quotes and comics

   Funny Insults    Quick and funny insults including "they would be good but ... comics"

      Roasting        Brutal roasting served cold, insults that are direct and to the point

 Famous Insults   Listing of quotes that are both famous and infamous

 Famous Retorts  Some very funny retorts from throughout history


         Speakisms         All Original "what is said and what is meant" with comics

          Credits             Play on name pronunciations written by Kay Oss

Single Panel Comics  Quick and funny comics

   Random Quotes     Some are new and some classics, with comics

For over 25 years Mind Your Own Business has provided a wealth of time wasting enterprises like comics, jokes, insults and bizarre attempts at satire.